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Последние дебаты ever и замечательная статья Каспарова

Мораль сей басни ясен...

Может и забавно на это смотреть .. если вы не живете в Америке. Так трудно выдавить из себя хотя бы подобие смеха, но необходимо. Врачи не рекомендуют уже - они приказывают.

Это, скорее всего, были первые и последние президентские дебаты..

Артисты достаточно великие, Джим Керри. Почему же так трудно смотреть на эту комедию?

* * * *

А теперь серьезно. Гарри Каспаров написал очень сильную - великолепную статью о Необходимости Победы над Трампом. Переведу небольшой кусочек, если позволите, полная ссылка внизу.

Гарри Каспаров. Надо сокрушить болезнь: После такой недели, победа над Трампом еще более необходима

"Поздно вечером в четверг президент Трамп добавил новое достижение в длинный список тестов, которые он провалил как лидер Соединенных Штатов: тест на COVID-19. Новость о Трампе стала шоком, но не сюрпризом. Он и его администрация с самого начала преуменьшали серьезность вируса, нагло пренебрегая основными мерами предосторожности.

Хуже того. Само это пренебрежение мерами безопасности оказалось заразным и распространилось, как лесной пожар, на тысячи чиновников-республиканцев и миллионы их сторонников по всей стране. Катастрофический ответ Америки на коронавирус вызван не техническими проблемами, не недостатком опыта или ресурсов. Это был акт саботажа - притвориться, что вирус - от которого нет вакцины или лекарств - можно обмануть, запугать или заставить подчиниться.."

* * * *

Сильно пишет Каспаров, и в точности те слова, которые давно у меня на моей страничке. Господин Трамп - прежде всего саботажник и террорист. И саботажниками-террористами являются все, кто его поддерживает в любой степени и любом качестве. А от того, что этот терроризм ведется с высшего поста в стране, он только более смертельный и опасный. Уж кому, кому, а русским не надо объяснять, как это бывает. Как отвратительна эта безнаказанность.

И как она смертельна.

Garry Kasparov, New York Daily News
We must break the fever: After this week, defeating Donald Trump is only more imperative
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Late Thursday night, President Trump added a new entry to the long list of tests he has failed as the leader of the United States: a COVID-19 test. Trump’s news came as a shock, but not as a surprise. He and his administration have downplayed the seriousness of the virus from the beginning, flouting basic precautions.
Even worse, this disregard for the safety of others was itself contagious and spread like wildfire through thousands of Republican officials and millions of supporters across the country. The catastrophic American response to the coronavirus has not been a technical matter, not a lack of expertise or resources. It has been an act of sabotage to pretend that a virus with no vaccine or cure could be bluffed and bullied and wished into submission.
Trump’s bravado has now reaped its consequences in the White House, and positive tests are coming back from all over the administration and among supporters who have been in close contact in recent days. This localized flare-up confirms that one serious preexisting condition for COVID can be foolishness.
Perhaps Trump’s inner circle forwent an ambitious federal coronavirus response because they judged it to be worse for blue states and the cities that house the liberals, the poor and the people of color they deem expendable. But in the political demographic, Republican leadership suffers most.
Trump will not repay any pity. Should he recover without a serious case, he will happily continue to downplay the disease that has killed more than 200,000 Americans. It’s hopeless to talk about worst-case scenarios in 2020 or with Trump — they both effortlessly surpass every attempt. That said, Trump leaving his sickbed to tout his invulnerability in the final weeks of a presidential campaign is a script that would terrify even Stephen King.
It will also overshadow the many consequential items we were all worried about before Trump announced his diagnosis. This is an effect of the “crisis every day” model of governance that I warned about when Trump was inaugurated. There is no need for a chess master’s strategy or planned distractions when the natural state of the environment around Trump is chaos. It will require tremendous strength to stay focused on what matters most in the coming month — and months, since Trump will stay in power until Jan. 20 even if he loses on Nov. 3.
Tuesday’s presidential debate was several years ago at the speed of today’s news cycle, and that suits Trump fine. His blustering aggression was in keeping with his image, a performance that will only satisfy his most ardent fans. Anyone who liked Trump’s debate theatrics already loved him — and loved him for all the reasons he is such a terrible president and terrible person. The egocentricity, the personal attacks, the constant disruptions that even an experienced journalist like Chris Wallace felt helpless to prevent.
As he did throughout his business life and has with the U.S. government itself, Trump shredded the rules and defied anyone to stop him or make him pay a price for doing it. He didn’t care about the impression he made at the time, only to make a few clips that will play well in an endless loop on Fox News.
We didn’t learn anything from the debate that we didn’t already know. This isn’t so unusual with modern political debates, but now the trenches are truly dug deeply, and Americans must begin the process of digging out. When political tribalism is so strong, the issues barely matter at all, only my side and your side.
The first televised debates between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon in 1960 are notable not just because they famously showcased JFK’s youthful vigor and Nixon’s sweaty makeup job. Their platforms were very different, but they spoke often of how they shared goals for American prosperity and leadership. They differed on the means, but the ends were not much in conflict.
Today, that feeling of a shared mission that would include every American is gone. Trump won’t even agree to a peaceful transfer of power should he lose next month — something that coincides ominously with new polls showing more Americans see violence as an acceptable means to achieving political ends, a jump from 8% to 33% in just three years.
Flouting norms and laws is just business as usual for Trump, as

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